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Flight Instruction

Top quality Flight Instruction from a career educator who cares about your success.  Over 20 years of Aviation Education experience comes together to ensure you receive the highest level of Flight Instruction incorporating the newest teaching techniques.  Train in your airplane, or we can help you secure one.  Below is a list of aircraft that are readily available for your training.

Cirrus Aircraft & Simulator Rental

Train in our aircraft or yours…

Cirrus SR22 - G6 | $400/hr dry

Train in the most modern of Cirrus Equipment. The SR22 G6 has a Full Glass Cockpit featuring Garmin Perspective Plus Avionics, Air-Conditioning and Supplemental Oxygen.
Cirrus SR20 - G1 | $245/hr wet

213CD is a TAA Certified Aircraft with Good Ol' 6-pack flow. Equipped with Garmin Avionics include 2 GI-275's, GTN375 WAAS Navigator, and backup GNS430 GPS, it's ready to get you trained in advanced avionics while still utilizing your existing 6 pack instrument scan.
SR20 - G2 | $225/hr wet

526CM is a super clean, super low hour G2 SR20. Equipped with Avidyne's Entegra All Glass PFD and MFD panel and dual Garmin 430 GPS'. You'll appreciate the speed and efficiency of this SR20.
RealSim Gear SR2X AATD | $120/hr 

Our FAA Approved AATD is approved to represent G3 SR20, 22 and 22TN as well as G6 SR20, 22 and 22T Cirrus models. The FAA approval allows you to maintain IFR Currency, build IFR Proficiency and log up to 20 hrs toward your Instrument rating.
We can also run you through your paces in emergency management including pulling CAPS.
Cirrus SR20 - G3 | $300/hr wet

702SC is a Garmin Perspective equipped G3 SR20 GTS (all the bells and whistles). The GFC700 Autopilot is a dream to fly, and the airplane is equipped with XM Radio and Weather, as well as ADS-IN/OUT and a FlightStream 210 for Wireless iPad Flight Plan Transfers. This is a great Cross Country and Training Aircraft.

Booking Calendar

Simulator: Use this option to Book the Simulator for your own personal use.  Can be used for basic training and instrument currency solo.  No CFI required.

Simulator + CFI: Use this option if you would like to book a CFI to accompany you during your Simulator Time.  Use this option for IPCs, Emergency Training, or if you would just like to use the AATD with a CFI/CFII.

CFI: Use this option if you’re just wanting to book the CFI/CFII for Ground Training or Flight Training in any aircraft.

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